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Neutral Fuels – Neutral Capital Finance Plc 8.25% Senior Secured, Investment Grade Rated Bond Offering:

Neutral Capital Finance PLC, a UK company, has issued an ‘A-’ rated, senior secured, asset backed bond that offers 8.25% annual coupon, paid quarterly. Neutral Fuels pioneering strategy is based on a “city scale biofuel model” where local waste streams are converted in local premises into a fuel, which is used by the local transportation fleet. Neutral Fuels has been able to further capitalize on the growing importance of corporate sustainability goals by partnering with McDonald’s, Del Monte, Nestlé, Big Bus and other well-known international brands for the purchasing of the refined biodiesel. The company has designed and executed a novel oil collection system which uses a 100% recyclable, plastic used oil container, coupled with a cloud based data portal to track and trace every drop of used cooking oil used in the manufacture of biodiesel. This unique system allows for a complete audit trail to be automatically created for the restaurants’ waste stream, and provide each restaurant with valuable quantity and chemical quality data which is used to optimise their operating costs.

Please watch the video on the McDonalds website for a short video explanation/endorsement:  The business has attracted considerable media interest, including global coverage on CNN, CNBC, and the BBC.

Bond details:

  • Coupon/term:Fixed 8.25% per annum, paid quarterly, for 5 years
  • Raise:$12M
  • Currency:USD
  • Liquidity: Freely transferable, daily traded from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday – Friday. Liquidity reserve built in.
  • Security:Asset-backed, senior secured debt, enforceable under English law
  • Listed:Frankfurt Stock Exchange/HMRC Recognised Stock Exchange
  • Rating:A- (sf) (Ind)
  • Eligibility:UCITS, ISA, SIPP, SASS, QROPS, Portfolio Bonds and Investment Platforms
  • Clearing/Settlement:CREST, EUROCLEAR & CLEARSTREAM.
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