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Key Facts/structure:

  • Structure: Nanjia Capital ICAV – UCITS
  • Minimum investment: U$10,000
  • Currencies: USD (base), SGD, Euro & GBP (all hedged)
  • Liquidity: Weekly
  • Prime Broker: Morgan Stanley
  • Administrator: Caceis
  • Auditor: Grant Thornton
  • IM: Cross Roads Capital
  • IA: Nanjia Capital & XHE Capital
  • Investment term suggestion: 3-5 year


Nanjia Stratgic Equity Fund

Nanjia XSe is based on a systematic trading program developed in 2015

  • Trades global Equity Index Futures
  • Exploits short to medium term momentum and reversal patterns
  • Patterns are evident in both bull & bear market environments
  • The program dynamically employs either long or short positions at index level
  • Trading is opportunistic when exploiting patterns but dynamically remains liquid during unfavorable markets
  • Unique, sophisticated Particle Swarm optimization ensures models remain nimble and relevant

As a weekly traded Dublin UCITS the fund is accepted by all Life Co’s & Fund Platforms via lump sum/single Premium business.

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