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Montreux Healthcare Fund – Key Facts:        

Qualified Investor Fund domiciled in Isle of Man

Fund launch: December 2014

AUM: £155M

Average annual return: 17.285% (USD A1 Class)

GBP, USD & EUR Share Classes

AMC 2% Perf fee 20% over 8% hurdle

Redemption fee 5% yr1 reducing by 1% pa to zero after 5 years.

Redemption notice 60 days

It has little to no correlation to traditional asset indices.

Fund has Swiss representative status.

Introduction to Montreux Capital Management

Montreux Capital Management is a specialist investment firm with a global institutional and private client base. Established in 2010, the aim is to provide uncorrelated returns, with a strong emphasis on discipline in the investment process. Their aim is to offer investors an investment management environment which consistently generates superior returns by limiting risk and volatility with little to no correlation to traditional markets.

Fund Overview

The Montreux Healthcare Fund PLC is a QIF domiciled in the Isle of Man. The Fund seeks to capitalise on demographic trends in the UK through the strategic purchasing of affluent care business which care for people with specialist care needs in areas where a supply/demand imbalance has been identified. The Fund’s NAV is calculated monthly independently of Montreux Capital Management (UK) by SMP Partners Ltd.

  • A growing UK population with increasing propensity towards incidents that trigger injuries or conditions which require long term specialist care.
  • Specialist Care provision predominantly paid for by UK Government with additional income streams from large insurers.
  • Supply / demand imbalances in a fragmented market, ripe for consolidation, and high barriers to entry.

Montreux Healthcare Fund Strategy

  • Operates a consolidation strategy in the UK specialist care market by purchasing smaller businesses, bolting them onto the fund’s existing platform.
  • It acquires businesses at a discount to standard industry EBITDA ratios benefiting from the associated arbitrage.
  • It improves the financial performance of the acquired businesses, further driving forward group EBITDA and investor return.
  • The fund seeks to acquire existing high-quality businesses with a geographic and demographic spread.
  • A multiplicity of different funding streams are sought from a number of public and private bodies such as Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities and insurance companies.
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