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Fund key features

The Marshall Bridging Fund (MBF) is designed to generate returns irrespective of market condition or direction, through opportunistic financing and expert understanding of the targeted markets.

  • Fund will provide yield to investors with the security of a real asset: real estate
  • The collateral possesses low depreciation risk offering solid collateral base for investors.
  • Experienced team with established on-the-ground real estate knowledge.
  • Fully transparent fund, with no black boxes.
  • A fully regulated structure domiciled in Luxembourg.
  • Forecast 8-10% annual returns.
  • Monthly liquidity to investors

What is the opportunity?

Since bridge and mezzanine facilities are no longer available from traditional sources, this supply shortfall can be exploited:

Lack of supply creates:

  • Higher yields for investors.
  • Bridge and Mezzanine investors, will be able to have safer LTVs reducing risk.
  • Increased valuation transparency.

Higher demand for capital will improve:

  • Risk/return profile.
  • Access to deals which used to be bank-based.
  • Quality pipeline of deals.

The Fund can exploit a long-term opportunity by lending to real estate market participants, currently restricted by lending conditions on finance in many EU countries.

Available via Lump sum investments with: Hansard, Investors Trust, Cornhill, Generali, Capital International Group (CIG), InOn Capital, The Investment Platform.


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