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Key terms:
Fund Domicile: Luxembourg (SICAV-RAIF)
Target Return: 8%
Dividend: 6%, paid quarterly (Institutional/Distribution Share Class)
Liquidity: Monthly (45-days’ notice)
Redemption penalty: Back end 5% reducing to zero over 5 years
AMC: Retail 1.5%, Institutional 1.25%
Performance fee: Retail 15%, Institutional 10% (High Water Mark)
Min Investment: Retail €125k (or USD equivalent), Institutional $1m
Administrator: Circle Partners Support Services
Auditor: KPMG
Custodian: Banque de Patrimoines Privés

Executive Summary:
Traditional asset classes offer little upside. Bond yields are low – and stocks are reaching the final stage of the bull market. Therefore, Katch Investment Group focuses on private debt, a new, rapidly growing asset class. Since 2008, the lending backdrop has changed a lot. Banks have less appetite to lend to small and medium size businesses. This has created opportunities for private lenders to replace banks for this activity and led to the emergence of new, dedicated private lending funds.

The Katch Global Lending Opportunities Fund invests in several strategies in the private debt space. It focuses on short-term lending strategies with solid collaterals. The diversification of its investment strategies amongst different segments and geographies with low correlations between them and the markets minimizes the volatility and risks without sacrificing returns. The fund’s return objective is 8% with the option of a distributing share class with a dividend yield of 6%. Initially, the 4 main strategies are receivables monetization (medical and government), factoring, trade finance and bridge loans.

The return target of the fund is 8% with a dividend of 6% for investors that choose the distribution share class.

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