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    • Traditional and Alternative asset classes will generate a return above inflation (real return) in the medium to long term (5 to 10 years)
    • The Strategic Asset Allocation of a portfolio will determine the vast majority of the portfolio’s return and risk
    • Modern Portfolio Theory: Diversification across a portfolio of asset classes reduces risk and increases risk adjusted returns
    • For traditional asset classes, low cost index investing is likely to outperform the majority of actively managed investments and the likelihood of outperformance increases with time

Platforms accepting Apollo Funds:
Capital International IOM, Old Mutual International, RL360, FPI Friends Provident, Investors Trust, InOn Capital



Apollo Multi Asset Management (“Apollo”) is based in London and specialises in multi-asset and alternative investment solutions

Apollo has been conducting research on the successful University Endowment funds such as Harvard and Yale for more than 10 years.

Apollo believes in using academic research and empirical evidence as the basis for a sound investment management approach.

Apollo manages a range of Multi Asset strategies for financial advisors, wealth managers and institutional investors worldwide.

Apollo has undertaken significant research and analysis to create a globally diversified, low-cost, multi-asset investment solution. Apollo’s MAP Funds provide access to multiple traditional and alternative asset classes in a single fund, with exposure to over 15,000 underlying securities. Inspired by the US endowment funds, who have been leaders in multi-asset class investing for over two decades, Apollo takes a strategic, longer term approach to asset allocation, combined with disciplined rebalancing techniques. Currency risk is minimised through hedging to ensure that investors receive the true returns of each asset class.

Minimising costs within a portfolio generates significant differences in compounded returns over time which is why Apollo employs low cost index replication strategies to access each of the asset classes in the most cost efficient manner.

Apollo is unique in its use of leverage rather than different asset class allocations to cater to different risk return profiles. The Conservative Fund (no gearing) and the Moderate Fund (100% gearing) share the same policy asset allocations and underlying assets to achieve further cost efficiencies1. Apollo’s innovative approach allows clients to easily create different blends of the Frontier MAP funds to meet different risk tolerances for investors.

By combining investments across the range of asset classes available, a highly diversified, low volatility portfolio can be achieved, making the Apollo MAP funds an ideal one-stop ‘core’ investment solution.

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