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Advantages of Investing In The Fund

 Widely Accepted:

As a Maltese UCITS Fund (strict liquidity & volatility controls) it is widely accepted by all insurers/Life Co’s.

Highly Liquid:

The fund focuses exclusively on trading Forex, which is widely recognised as the largest and most liquid market in the world.


The Fund aims to achieve returns with a low correlation to asset classes such as bonds, equities and hedge funds.


The Fund utilises leverage. Leverage with careful and efficient management can result in significant returns. The downside of course is that a drawdown can also be multiplied.

The Algo Performance Fund (The Fund) is part of an open ended investment structure established and regulated in Malta, and is classified as a “UCITS” Fund (Undertaking for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities).
The Fund is a new entity (launched in January 2017) established to capitalise on opportunities in the foreign exchange market for the private investor. As a regulated UCITS Fund, investors are granted a high level of assurance regarding liquidity, strict adherence to risk controls and careful observance of volatility.
The Fund focuses exclusively on trading global currency markets, otherwise referred to as Foreign Exchange (Forex).
The Fund seeks to generate absolute returns by investing and trading in Forex.
An absolute return means a positive return over time, irrespective of prevailing market conditions.
The Forex market is highly liquid, transparent and cyclical in nature; these core features make it a desirable market to operate in when seeking absolute returns.
The Fund seeks an absolute return of between 8% and 12% per annum.

As a daily traded Maltese UCITS the fund is accepted by all Life Co’s & Fund platforms.

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