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Alternative Investments

Find below our Alternative Investments partners

Mansard Capital Management offer an array of services designed to meet the needs of international clients. We work closely with professional advisers and their client to create and manage robust investment strategies.

Multi-Asset Fund

Principal Asset Allocation uses dynamic allocation methodology, constructed using academic research to maximise risk-adjusted returns for investors.

Absolute Return Fund

Global Diversified Alpha invests in worldwide markets on a global thematic and opportunistic basis. Seeking to mitigate risk and deliver uncorrelated returns.

London Development Fund

The Opus Real Estate Fund is a joint venture with Sellar Developments, globally recognised for delivering The Shard.

Bridging the gap in real estate finance.

Short-term lending to select European properties against a 1st or 2nd registered title. The fund targets a net return of 10%+ per year.

The Marshall Bridging Fund provides development financing in Germany and the UK offering investors an interest margin without the risk of changing valuations. Monthly liquidity, diversification by property type and geographic location are pillars of the strategy applied by our European property experts.

Equity investing without riding every wave.

In today’s volatile and uncertain market, the desire to minimise risk is often a key determinant of your investment decisions. If you have reached a certain stage in life, such as retirement, or you simply don’t want or need to take risks in your strategy, you may think you should opt for what were traditionally considered ‘low-risk’ asset classes like cash or fixed interest in an effort to protect your capital.

However, with current low interest rates and low economic growth, investing in these asset classes may severely limit your ability to grow your assets and meet your investment objectives. Worse, it may actually expose you to the unintended risks that a lack of diversification often brings.

If you are seeking a smoother journey, the Smartfund range can help. Each fund offers you the potential returns of actively managed global multi-asset risk-graded strategies. Smartfund 80% Protected provides the additional benefit of 80% protection of the highest fund value achieved, delivered by Morgan Stanley.

The Equity Power Fund will identify, develop, execute and manage leading investments in strategically selected assets, projects and companies. The Equity Power Fund provides a unique occasion for investors to participate in the growth and development of leading companies of the future by making mainly capital investments and direct in small and medium-sized businesses.

The Equity Power Fund’s investment goal is to provide attractive returns that have minimal correlation with the returns of standard asset classes. The objective is focusing on prime acquisitions and participations in promising projects, developments and companies, targeting to maximise returns to the investors mostly via private equity type, venture type and real estate type of investments whist focusing its investment objective towards stable and consistent returns.

The Equity Power Fund’s investment discipline is seeking to participate in durable, well-managed businesses at value prices, focusing on identifying small and medium size companies with the characteristics to create value in businesses.

The Equity Power Fund will invest its capital using a strategy that focuses on building a diversified portfolio of private equity, real estate and venture type of investments and will emphasise the cultivation and management of a multi-faceted revenue stream.

Just Cash Flow is a 21st century fintech company which lends in the UK SME market. The management team has over 200 years experience in this market and to date they have not suffered any defaults on any loans they have issued! Only 8% of all applications are accepted and then all of these are reviewed by experienced individuals all of whom have enjoyed successful banking careers.

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Allied Care is a Premier provider of specialist healthcare in the South East of the UK. The company is 20 years old and changed ownership in 2016. The new owners are looking to grow the business organically and by acquisition hence the reason for issuing this very attractive bond offering. The financials of this business are very strong and are sustainable in the long term due to their relationships with the 80+ local authorities they deal with.

OPEN is a global visionary finance company that is offering a new way to invest in cleantech projects and business. Our professional network covers Europe, Asia, The Middle East and the Americas, with a wide range of investment and project opportunities available.
Our investment strategy employs a global approach to global opportunities. With a network reaching across a wide range of countries and industries, we take a value investment approach to projects and businesses which result in added value to society both financially, environmentally and socially.
We do this by investing in renewable energy assets, like wind and solar parks, which can create predictable and secure income streams. In addition, we seek long-term capital growth through investment in equity and debt in the securities of companies who are active in the renewable energy sector and in clean technology markets.

Bitcoin is a truly global currency, uncorrelated with other markets.

Global Advisors has 16 years experience as a regulated investment manager.

Their bitcoin program provides a rare opportunity to gain uncorrelated returns from an emerging asset class.



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